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Spatial or Picture Smart

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Spatial or Picture Smart

If you learn best when you are looking at images,

If you like to daydream, and see images complete and in color in your mind,

If you love to work with artistic mediums, create computer programs, play video games, watch movies

If you remember objects that you see more than words like street names, or people's names or business names,

You are picture smart.


Picture Smart people notice color and patterns and may doodle a lot. They may express themselves in artistic mediums instead of solely in words. They may think better when they are drawing out their thoughts and feelings.


They may be artists, sculptors, painters, illustrators, computer animators, art teachers, graphic artists, photographers, movie producers, or any kind of designer (interior, landscape, fashion etc.).


Programs Ideas

  • Incorporate three dimensional objects into your programs. For example, for BookTrek I bring in instruments and realia from each of the countries if I can
  • Tell a Kamishibai story
  • Tell a story with puppets, costumes, or flannels
  • Tell a string story, a draw and tell story, a cut and tell story
  • Incorporate movies into your programs. Weston Woods has great public performance movies.
  • For Animal Adventures, you can print out pictures of different animals for the kids to look at. For Booktrek you can print out pictures from that country, the flag, and other country symbols for kids to look at 
  • Incorporate books that have illustrations or comic books into a program
  • Do a program on drawing Anime or Manga or any other type of art like pop-up, scratch board, water color etc.
  • Do visual games like board games or card games in a program
  • Use charts, graphs, maps etc. to illustrate information in a program
  • Include open ended crafts in your programs



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