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Naturalist or Nature Smart

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Naturalist or Nature Smart


If you like to take nature walks, go camping, or work in the garden, 

If you like to learn about nature topics like weather, animals, habitats,

If you like to work with animals and can classify different types of plants, flowers, trees, and animals,

You are nature smart.


Nature smart people are comfortable in and thrive in natural settings. They enjoy hobbies that involve nature like gardening and bird watching. They may love to work with animals and have their own or volunteer at an animal shelter. They may have an affinity for recognizing and remembering the names of different breeds of dogs or cats or different names of birds or flowers or leaves.


Programming ideas for nature smart kids

  • Do a program on gardening or create a gardening club
  • Do a program on nature topics like space, weather, oceans, animals
  • Bring in natural objects to enhance programs. For instance, for BookTrek we often bring in instruments from different countries that are made from gourds or wood.
  • For a creative writing program, take kids outside to take a walk and journal about what they see and hear
  • Do crafts that use natural elements or do crafts about nature topics
  • Tell or read stories about nature
  • Bring in special guests that have this talent, maybe a local gardener, someone who works at the zoo, someone from an animal shelter
  • Do a program on pets and pet care
  • Incorporate activities that have kids use their five senses




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