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Intrapersonal or Self Smart

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Intrapersonal Intelligence or Self Smart


If you like to journal and write stories about your life and your experiences,

If you like to spend time in reflection and like to think through a problem before talking about it,

If you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, like to set goals for your self, and are sensitive to your feelings and emotions,

You are self smart.


Self smart people are comfortable with themselves and are knowledgeable about their strengths and weaknesses because they do self-reflection. They may like to be by themselves to think through a problem. They may daydream about their future, keep goals both short-term and long-term to accomplish, and try to do things to grow as a person. Self smart people may exercise, eat healthy, and/or meditate. They may also have strong opinions about things and may do their own thing when it comes to dress and personal behavior. 


Self smart kids might grow up to be actors, comedians, artists, therapists, writers, professors, religious leaders, politicians or some other type of leader like a CEO or activist.


Programming for Self Smart Learners


Here is a list of potential program ideas


  • Have time during a creative writing workshop for kids to work individually and then share their work at the end
  • During a program allow kids time to ask questions or connect the story or activity to their day to day life
  • Open-ended crafts can be a great way for kids to be introspective and decide what they want to create
  • Do a program on journaling or creative nonfiction
  • Have programs that allow kids to be expressive through art, through dance, or through storytelling.
  • Read stories that have self-smart characters
  • Do a program on health like a yoga program or a nutrition program
  • If you incorporate a lot of games in your programs, consider adding some that kids can play by themselves every once in awhile
  • Talk about how kids might feel about a story or talk about the feelings different characters might have after reading or telling a story or during a book discussion


Books for Self Smart Kids

How to  Write Your Life Story by Ralph Fletcher. 2007.

You're Smarter Than You Think by Thomas Armstrong. 2003.



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