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Interpersonal or People Smart

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Interpersonal or People Smart


If you are good with people. If you understand what others want and need.

If you can read and understand body language. If you can be persuasive and bring people to consensus. 

If you have several close friends and like to work on group projects or participate in group sports.

Then you are people smart.


People smart people get along with others because they are in tune with others and their thoughts and feelings. They like to be around people in social settings and in volunteer, club, or sports activities. They aren't afraid to share their opinions and work with people to get everyone on the same page.  Because they can work with people and understand their motives and desires and how to communicate with them, body smart people often make great leaders. They also may find themselves helping others with their problems.


They may be a counselor, a politician, a CEO, a social activist, a waitress/waiter, a public speaker, a social worker, a publicist, a salesperson, or a teacher.


Program Ideas

  • Group games that require teamwork
  • Improv activities
  • Reader's theater or skits
  • Experiments or crafts that encourage working together
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Use volunteens in programs (this provides a great leadership opportunity for the teens and the younger kids really look up to them)
  • Do some role playing
  • Incorporate opportunities for kids to talk to each other in a group about books or different topics
  • Book Buddies (This is a program where young kids practice their reading by reading to teen or adult buddies. Teens who are people smart will really like this program.)
  • Read books that have people smart characters for books discussions or other programs


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