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Bookopoly: Knights of the Kitchen Table

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Knights of the Kitchen Table
Physical Challenges
Find the magic book in the wrapping paper. Two books have special book covers made that say The Book and have glow in the dark stars on them. These two books and about twenty others are all wrapped like gifts in wrapping paper (make sure you cannot see the covers through the paper) and the participants are given 30 seconds to find the two special books. You can make this more challenging by putting the wrapped books into laundry bags for them to fish out. 
Knock the knight off the horse. Create a large knight's helmet out of a piece of cardboard. Leave a large space in the front (where he would breath) and throw bean bags or any round object at the knight and see how many you can get into the helmet (if you hit it in the helmet then you have just knocked the knight off his horse).
Feed the Damsels to Smaug the Dragon. Paint a mason jar green with red around the top and on one side paint two big eyes. Then buy close pins and paint them like damsels (does not have to be fancy.). Have the participants stand with their toes to the jar and the damsels at their nose and without bending over see how many damsels they can get in the jar.
Belch Like a Giant. This is pretty self explanatory, just kinda fun and gross. The giant does burp a lot in the book.
Name the Bad Smell. Have three different cups with various strange smells in them such as vinegar, mayo, cumin, potting soil, etc. (be careful that you don’t use ammonia or any cleansers that could make you ill to inhale). Have the participants guess what the bad smell is.
Get knighted. Bring a plastic sword and knight all of the participants on this team in a formal ceremony this is really fun if the person knighting them puts on a crown and uses their formal king or queen voice.

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