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Bodily-Kinesthetic or Body Smart

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Body-Kinesthetic or Body Smart


If you learn by moving, are coordinated and comfortable with your body,

If you need to walk around or do other things so that you can concentrate on a task

If you play sports or exercise or act in plays or dance or do improv or performance art

If you have a hobby in which you need to work with your body or hands like woodworking, weaving, pottery etc.,

Then you are body smart. 


Body Smart people might be gym teachers, coaches, sports players, artists, dancers, actors, carpenters, surgeons, woodworkers, or crafters like quilters or sculptors. 


Programs Ideas for Body Smart Learners

  • Charades
  • Songs with movements
  • Stories that have actions in them
  • Games that require movement
  • Crafts
  • Science experiments that require movement
  • Dances
  • Incorporate drama into a program, maybe do a reader's theater
  • Do a program on sports (bring in athletes to talk about their sport, run a sport's clinic like a martial arts or yoga session)
  • Do a scavenger hunt
  • Do a bookopoly program (the physical challenges require movement and the life-size board game encourage movement)
  • Teach kids how to play an instrument or make music using their body



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Twice Upon a Time: Stories to Tell, Retell, Act out, and Write About by Judy Sierra and Robert Kaminski. 1989.




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